How to use the dental floss

How to use the dental floss

Many of my friends don’t know the using method of dental floss and dental floss picks.Let’s learn together.

Dental floss:

Step 1:Cut out a piece of dental floss(about 30-40cm) and wrap the ends of the dental floss around the left and right middle fingers.

Step 2:Tighten the dental floss between your index finger and the thumb of the other hand,leaving a distance of about 5 cm between the two fingers.

Step 3:Put the dental floss between the teeth,move the dental floss back and forth,slowly slide it into the teeth ,don’t force it into the teeth.

Step 4:Gently pull the floss up and down to remove the residue in the gap between the teeth and the plaque on the adjacent surface of the tooth.

Step 5:Gently slide the dental floss out of the gap.

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