Is Bamboo Toothbrush Better Than Plastic?

Go and see how much plastic there is on the beach!You will be thinking ‘what have we done to this once beautiful blue planet?’but there may not be much you can do.NO!Start with yourself.Start with the simplest thing.

We are on a mission to make it normal to consume in a way that is easier on the environment,while meeting the convenience we’ve come to expect.Find out what plastic products you are using everyday:plastic toothbrush,plastic bag,plastic comb,plastic...It’s time to change and the first is your plastic toothbrush.Bamboo Toothbrush is made from 100% natural bamboo and bamboo charcoal bristle.A bamboo toothbrush will quickly degraded by nature and leaves no hazardous substance,more efficiently,it makes your teeth cleaner than plastic brush can do.The bamboo charcoal bristle has stronger adsorption,friction and antibacterial ability,as well as bamboo charcoal C active ion which easily adsorb dental plaque on the surface of teeth,making teeth healthier and whiter.

Is bamboo toothbrush better than plastic?Just find a picture of a beach full of plastic trash or imagine that picture.You will find the answer!Throw out your plastic toothbrushes and replace them with bamboo toothbrushes.Greener and cleaner!


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