PLA dental floss & PLA dental floss picks

PLA dental floss & PLA dental floss picks

Do you have the following problems in your oral cavityHave you notice that your teeth are getting yellowHave you noticed a bad smell in your monthDo you often floss your teeth with hands after eatingDo you have tooth decayswollen gums and periodontitis

Many people think that brushing your teeth every morning and evening is enough to maintain the oral healthbut this is not the case.

Each of our teeth has five faces.Usuallybrushing can only clean three of them.Scientific research proved that brushing thoroughly and effectively can only remove about 70% of the dental plaquewhile the dental plague and tartar in the gap between the adjacent are difficult to remove.

Dental floss and dental floss pick can effectively move residual food and soft tartar between teethand can also clean dental plaquehelping to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

I want to recommend PLA dental floss and PLA dental floss picks.PLA is a new type of bio-based and renewable biodegradable materialmade from starch raw materials proposed by renewable plant resourcessuch as corncassavaetc.For you who love both the natural health and your body health,this product is not to be missed!











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